Day in the Life of a Tool Dealer


Getting on a Cornwell truck means never having the same lackluster day over and over again. There is always something new that will occur, a new question, a new tool, or a new promotional item to bring to the customer. While it is hard to predict your actual work day, there are a few basic things that will always happen.

Waking up in the morning, heading out to your route you might find yourself going over the customer list in your head. Remembering which customers you will be seeing that day. Recalling what tools you want to show them, and who wanted what item.

You will develop customer relationships. Seeing these familiar faces each week will not only help build trust between you and your customers, but will allow you to gain insight on what types of tools they may need.

Tote and Promote! Each week you will have tools to sell that meet your customer’s needs. Not all customers know exactly what they want, rather you have to show them what they want and need.

At the end of the day it is time to restructure. Restocking and reorganizing your truck, ordering tools and checking payments.