At Cornwell Tools, we believe in promoting people from within. So when we need a Regional Manager, we look to our District Managers to see who’s available and at candidates outside the company. And when we need to fill a DM position, we first look for dealers who aspire to move into management.

Moving off the tool truck into management is not for everyone. But we give top-performing dealers the opportunity to move up because no one knows our systems, processes and people better than our current dealers.

Most of our DMs are former dealers, and some of them used to work for our competitors before switching to Cornwell. When you pull out of your driveway in a shiny Cornwell Tools truck, you have the confidence of knowing that your DM knows the ropes and is committed to helping you grow your business.

We are always looking for top performers who want to move up as their businesses grow. So if you’re a leader looking for a solid business opportunity with real growth potential, then Cornwell Quality Tools is for you.


"Internal Opportunities for advancement propel companies to a higher level. Having management positions filled internally strengthens the company by having the most experienced and devoted employees in the highest of positions. Being able to move in the company brings out the drive to further yourself and the people surrounding you, ensuring a tight knit, experienced, and positive working environment."

Corey Lang | Billerica, MA



"Because of Cornwell’s growth there are often more opportunities for management than with other companies. I think this opportunity is why we have so many really good district managers – almost all are former dealers."

Del Postma | Ireton, IA



"I like a company that hires from within. And it’s great to have an option for when you decide to no longer run the streets. The chance to be considered for a management position brings some of our best dealers into a role where they can help other dealers."

Andy Phelps | Westminster, MD




"At Cornwell, if you’re a top performer and you’d like to join the company to help other dealers more directly, you have the opportunity to do so. Sometimes things change, and it’s nice to have options."

Brian Freudenburg | Madison, NE