You want opportunity? We’re going to put you in a geographic territory with more potential customers than you would have in a competitor’s territory.

Your potential is limited only by your ability to work hard and compete and to sell, service and collect from your customers. 

That means never having to worry about the company competing with you by selling directly to anyone in your territory.  Nor will we split your territory or put a lid on your potential earnings. 

Our dealers appreciate this approach. Several of our top dealers came to us from competitors precisely because their ability to grow was capped.

What’s more, we have open territories available in practically every state and every major market. So if you’re pining for Peoria, longing for Louisiana or yearning for the a territory out West, there’s a real good chance that we can set you up!


"Your Cornwell territory has a ton of potential if you look for it. Besides all the automotive stops I make, I also have an international airport and a large bus garage with mechanics who work the night shift. Plus, I have several car dealers with service departments open til midnight. I hit the second shift guys and it’s like free money for me."

Rick Brown | Chantilly, VA



"Your territory can make or break any dealer, new or old. Cornwell gives you a large geographic territory to cover, which means you’ll always have plenty of prospects to call on."

Paul Walsh | Rhoadesville, VA



"Geographic territories give you the potential to have a lot more customers. When you have a customer based territory – which is what our competitors give their new dealers – that is all you have. If they give you 250 potential customers and you only sell to 175, you don’t have anywhere to go up. Cornwell, in contrast,  is very generous with their territories."

Del Postma | Ireton, IA