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I/we understand that signing this document only makes a request to Cornwell for a Franchise Disclosure Document and that Cornwell may choose whether or not to send me/us a Franchise Disclosure Document, based on this pre- application review of my/our credit history. This document does not constitute an application to become a Cornwell Dealer or an agreement with Cornwell Quality Tools Company to be a Franchised Dealer. By signing below I/we give authorization to Cornwell to obtain a credit report. I/we further understand that if I/we meet the pre-application credit criteria established by Cornwell, that I/we will receive a Franchise Disclosure Document. After reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document and discussions with a Cornwell District Manager, I/we may decide to make an application to become a Franchised Dealer. I/we must still then meet all of the criteria established by Cornwell before final approval to become a Franchised Cornwell Quality Tools Dealer. I/we hereby affirm that I/we understand the paragraphs above, and that the information provided is true and complete to the best of my/our knowledge. I/we have not had any discussion with a Cornwell District Manager about becoming a Cornwell Franchised Dealer.  *