What does the Cornwell Name Get You?

Promotions - We have Monthly Sales Flyers, Special Promotions, ProfitBuilder promotions, and we publish an Annual Catalog.

TV Advertising - We sponsor Stacey David's GearZ TV Show.

Print Advertising - We advertise in Professional Tool & Equipment News as well as Professional Tool Distributor

Tool Rally - Cornwell Tools has an annual Tool Rally where you will find the newest tools, promotions and business strategies.

Racing Sponsorship - We have partnered with John Force Racing in the NHRA.

Online Presence - Access to our Online Catalog at www.cornwelltools.com.  Facebook - Cornwell Quality Tools.  Twitter @CornwellTools. Instagram @cornwellqualitytools, and CornwellTools1 on YouTube.

District Managers - Cornwell Tools prefers to encourage hiring within the mobile tool industry. This means that most of our District Managers are previous tool dealers. Get advice and guidance from someone who has done it before! 

Customer Service - Customer service representatives are available to assist with any questions you may have. 

Software - Our POS software manages your day-to-day business, budgeting, and cash flow.