Remember when we told you that our dealers are our only customers? We meant it. Now imagine how successful a company would be that didn’t care about its customers! That’s a ticket to failure.


Instead, we’ve built a company and a culture that puts the Cornwell Dealer at the very top of the pyramid. The most important job of every department at Cornwell Tools is to support the dealer.  We are committed to helping you succeed!

Here are just a few examples:

Our Sales and Marketing Department is constantly refining our product line, distribution and pricing to make sure you have products that technicians need and want.

Our Publications Department produces our tool catalog and our monthly promotion pieces to use on your sales calls. 

Our Customer Service Department is your research team. When you need a tool or have a question, they will find the answer for you quickly.

Our Tech-Credit Department makes financing available for your qualified customers for big-ticket items such as tool boxes. That financing can help you manage your cash flow.

The same “dealer first” culture dominates our manufacturing and warehouse centers and other departments company-wide. 

If our dealers succeed, we succeed. That’s what guides our decision making.


"Customer service makes my life easier. When I need something, I call them and I don’t have to worry about it. They try to help you make money."

Rick Brown | Chantilly, VA



"The support at Cornwell is unreal! Dealers help each other out all the time. My DM goes above and beyond his job to help me out whenever I need it. I wouldn’t be as successful as I am without the help I get from everyone in the company."

Paul Walsh | Rhoadesville, VA