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A company’s true strength is derived from its foundation. At Cornwell, our foundation is made from pure steel. Founded in 1919 by Eugene Cornwell, Cornwell Quality Tools has been in business longer than any other mobile tool company. Cornwell’s guiding vision is to create quality tools that make us the choice of professionals.

While technology, demand, and tool architecture has changed, Cornwell has stuck to its core of producing quality products. We make quality tools so our franchise owners can proudly stand behind the products they sell. 

Cornwell Quality Tools is the oldest mobile tool company with a market presence since 1919. Cornwell is determined to continue to support our dealers with knowledge, quality tools, promotional items and much more. 

Opportunities in the Mobile Tool Business [ Source: IHS Automotive, July 2015 ]

A recent study found that car ownership is changing. Even as consumers have started purchasing new vehicles in increasing numbers, the average length of ownership reached 6.5 years, more than 2 years longer than 2006. The average age of a car is 11.5 years old, and the number of cars more than 12 years old continues to grow. Older vehicles require more service. Performing service requires quality tools & equipment.