What’s It Take to be a Successful Tool Dealer?

What’s It Take to be a Successful Tool Dealer?

We Not Only Teach You How to Become a Tool Dealer, but We also Help You Achieve Success

If you’re wondering how to become a tool dealer and a good one at that, we can show you. Before discussing how Cornwell can help you become a successful tool distributor, let’s discuss some of the basics of our industry.

Why Do People Need Tool Trucks?

To a customer, a tool truck is like a grocery store that delivers groceries to their home. They’re a mobile store that brings tools, supplies, and equipment to customers who need them. Unlike traditional hardware stores, they get the products to customers where they work, saving them time and energy. They’re an excellent solution for busy professionals who don’t have time to leave the job every time they need something.

How Is a Tool Truck Business Structured?

The structure of a tool truck business depends on whether a tool dealer is running their own business or doing it with a franchise. In general, franchised tool trucks offer a level of scalability that’s not possible for most independent dealers. Franchisees pay the franchisor a franchise fee for the right to use the franchisor’s brand name, trade secrets, and business model, and they offer a ready-made base of potential customers. Independent dealers operate with little to no outside control. They can invest less initially, but they lack brand recognition, marketing support, and professional franchising training.

How to Become a Tool Dealer

Whether you’re just starting out on your career path or are making the big switch, the experience and skills needed to become a tool dealer may be different from what you think. While having an interest in the automotive field is a plus, candidates who franchise with Cornwell don’t need prior experience with tools or the automotive industry.

Instead, to become a successful tool dealer, you’ll need a strong work ethic, self-motivation, and a drive to succeed. Believe it or not, Cornwell thinks these traits are more important than whatever experience or expertise a candidate may have. That’s because distributing tools takes a lot of effort — but the upside is your success will be proportional to the amount of work you put in.

We Make Becoming a Pro the Easy Part

We provide every franchisee with a weeklong comprehensive training program that gives them the sales and business management tools they’ll need to be a successful business owner. The program takes place at our headquarters in Wadsworth, Ohio. While there, franchisees take a tour of our manufacturing facilities and gain first-hand knowledge of the quality we put into our tools. Upon completing the program, new franchisees leave feeling confident, proficient, and prepared to begin their journey.

Want to know more about how to become a tool dealer with Cornwell Quality Tools? We’d love to talk with you!